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Moby Dick is the basic of Bookmarklovers.

achab bookmarklovers moby dick paper bookmarks sperm whale whale

In Autumn 2013 we printed first time Moby Dick in 30-40 paper sheets. Silk-screen printing was good, but the next step was dye cut... It always takes time, costs money and you loose few peaces... But we knew that there is on our way a lot of work, learning and different levels of satisfaction. After few months we run out with first editions and we had to create second one. Because people asked for Moby Dick. We have kept the same paper, but changed color, instead black was blue as a new one. Printing and dye cut in this second edition was much better so our selfconfidence become a bit better too :-). So Moby Dick was a reason to keep bookmarkloving for you...

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