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About Us

We are a small graphic studio Bulldozer, located in Prague, Czech Republic, middle Europe. We all love books, graphic design, illustration and paper. And that's why we wanted to create a bit independend project next to our business. Something what makes us happy, something sensitive, something isnpiring and making other people happy. This is it, we would like to inspire people to read more, either classic books or just any books. To find wisdom, love, great stories hidden between pages. Classic books survived over generations, so must be pretty good!

And also to remember big names of illustrators like Doré, Clarke, Borgman etc.

Bookmarklovers have started in the end of 2013, we launched our few products in our country, Czech republic, then on Etsy. So we will see how much other people will like our bookmark.

As more people will like bookmarks, than the world can be better and we produce other themes :-)

If you have any notes, ideas, don't hasitate to contact us.

Keep Bookmarkloving...


Roman Boura