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2014 edition blue and NOW 2016 edition brown!

Moby Dick


Set of 4 bookmarks from a classic novel by Herman Melville, outstanding work of Romanticism and the American Renaissance about obsessive quest of captain Ahab for revenge on white sperm whale known as Moby Dick. The whole set explains the whole story of the great book. First bookmark has illustration of captain Ahab and his best harpooner Queequeg, the second bookmark is with the Moby Dick picture, the third with the ship Pequod and the last bookmark has a picture of destroyed boat after the final fight with the leviathan.

Size: 8 x 24 cm

Technique: Silk screen printing on graphic paper and digital cut copying the shape of bookmarks

Blue color is printed on white graphic paper Send Me Laid Natural, 250 g.

NOW you can order Moby Dick 2016 Edition - in BROWN Light color again on white graphic paper Send Me Laid Natural, 250 g.

Each bookmark has a number of edition. The whole edition had about 90 psc.

Original illustration made Czech book illustrator AK59, our friend and very renaissance person.

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