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2014 edition

The Jungle Book


Set of four paper bookmarks of a famous children book about Mowgli, the kid in indian jungle raised by wolves writen by English writer Rudyard Kipling

The set of bookmarks tells the whole strory of The Jungle Book with the main characters which are entering the Mowgli's life. Perfect for reading four books and set up each of them with Mowgli and wolves, all his friends, or with monkies kidnapping Mowgli or fighting with tiger Shere Khan.

Size: 6x23,5 cm

Technique: Silk-screen printing on graphic paper Kedy Colour Hazel, 300g, reminding the jungle enviroment.

Last few pieces of first edition of 60 sets.

Original illustrations had been drawn by AK59, our big friend and great book illustrator.

Note: An original first book illustration of Mowgli was made in 1895 by Mr. John Lockwood Kipling, father of the writer Rudyard Kipling.  :-)


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